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Evan's Place
c/o Mid Rogue Foundation
P.O. Box 1972
Grants Pass, OR 97528

Mid Rogue Foundation Announces New “Evan’s Place” Transitional Home
for Low-Income Seniors .


Grants Pass, Oregon - August 15, 2023 - The Mid Rogue Foundation is pleased to announce
the grand opening of Evan’s Place, a state-of-the-art transitional home designed to provide
comfortable and affordable housing for low-income seniors over 55 years of age.
Owned and managed by the Mid Rogue Foundation, Evans Place aims to address the critical
need for affordable housing in our community for seniors amid rising housing costs in our

Evan’s Place is a remarkable 6-bedroom, 4-bath home that offers a safe and supportive
environment for individuals seeking a fresh start. This newly renovated facility provides not only
a place to live but also essential services and resources to help residents rebuild their lives and
regain independence. The home will officially open its doors with a special celebration and tour
for local leaders on August 25, 2023, starting promptly at 4:00 pm.

"We are thrilled to introduce Evan’s Place as a crucial addition to our community," said Phil
Johncock, Interim Executive Director of the Mid Rogue Foundation. "This transitional home
aligns with our mission of providing support and housing solutions for those who need it the
most. Evan’s Place will serve as a place of hope, dignity, and community for low-income seniors
helping them transition to stable and secure futures."

Evan’s Place offers the benefit of group housing for our community members on a path to self-
reliance and self-sufficiency. Participants pay minimal monthly program fees and utility fees
based on their income. Program/utility fees cover required maintenance, taxes, insurance, and
other costs to operate Evans Place.

Evan’s Place features a comfortable and welcoming living space with six spacious bedrooms
and four remodeled bathrooms designed to meet the unique needs of our participants. Each
room is equipped with essential furniture and amenities – everything donated by the local
community… thank you! – to ensure a comfortable living environment. Additionally, a communal
kitchen and dining area allow for sharing of meals and foster a sense of community among the

Moreover, the facility offers a range of supportive services to promote self-sufficiency. These
include on-site case management with our new Navigators, comprehensive life skills training,
employment assistance, transportation, and links to medical and health services. By providing a
holistic approach to housing, Evans Place aims to empower its residents and equip them with
the necessary tools to rebuild their lives.

Limited vacancies are available for immediate occupancy, and preference will be for persons
referred by known agencies and organizations in the community.

"Evan’s Place represents our commitment to addressing the housing crisis faced by low-income
seniors," expressed Colene Martin, Chair of the Mid Rogue Foundation Board of Directors. "It
provides an essential stepping stone towards a more stable future by offering not only a roof
over their heads but also a supportive community and a path to self-sufficiency and resilience.
I’m proud of the Mid Rogue Foundation Board of Directors and community partners for their
dedication to improving lives and making a lasting impact in our community."

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